Women’s Ministry

Compelled By Christ Mission Project

Ladies we  are all set up to sponsor one girl from Honduras through Compelled by Christ. Contact the church office to see how you can be a part of this ministry.

More on Compelled by Christ:

CBC’s Transitional/Vocational Training Program was implemented to help facilitate the successful entrance of our kids into the workforce. We received a call in May of 2015 that DINAF (like DCF here in the states) wanted us to “release” our 18 year old girls so we could take in more kids that needed a home. Many orphanages “release” their kids at 18 because that is what has always been done. I can’t see the point in investing in any child for a year or two or longer and then put them in the street at 18. In order to work at most quality businesses you are required to have papers saying you completed school. Releasing a girl at 18, who lacks the necessary education to land a good job, is a life crushing blow to the future of that girl’s success. Our CBC kids are part of our family and I would never do that to my sons or daughters. I would want to prepare them to be as successful as possible.
This is why we have implemented our Transitional/Vocational Training Program. It is only in the beginning stages, but our girls that are 18 have been given a job in the ministry as we work towards their independence. We are training them with job skills, social skills, and how to budget and manage money. We are working towards preparing some of the girls to be able to enter a training program in San Pedro Sula. Depending on how well they do at that training, they may be able to secure full-time employment. 

When we eventually move all our homes on our property, we will begin to invest in permanent businesses that will help the girls learn job skills. We are in the think-tank process of exploring businesses that we can implement to teach our kids job skills, social skills, routine, responsibility, and what it takes to be successful in the world of work. Even though this is a very new program (implemented July 2015) our girls have already witnessed the positive and negative consequences that come from choices and effort. Our goal is for the girls to experience real work situations while at CBC so they can fully understand what to expect in the work force. If you have an idea that you think might work, contact us and give us your information and your idea. How can it be implemented, what need does it fill, how will it work or who will be the customer are some very basic questions that would need to be answered. Who knows, your idea could be the difference in us taking in another child.